November 01, 2010


 I hope your treat bags are bursting at the seams this morning!

The wheel of the random number generator has been spun (or whatever magic happens in there, I like to picture a little hamster twirling it!) and the winner is .. dear Kambriel!

 Kambriel  will receive the Halloween grand prize of print of her choice and other little serendipitous sundries from the studio.

 I decided one prize wasn't enough for my special followers on such a special holiday so I made that hamster run the wheel 2 more times!

marilavado  and Laume  
will also be receiving their choice of print!

Thank you all for for your entries and thoughtful comments, really thank you, thank you! 


SaraLynnArt said...

Awesome piece! I love the way you've drawn her hair and the circles under her eyes. Despite the circles and the monsterly look, she still has an elegance about her...

Laume said...

Oh, thank you little hamster for spinning the wheel and landing on my name! Imagining a tubby little hamster tumbling around and landing in a happy little plop, looks around, sees some hamster candy corn and sits on my name contently nibbling.

Kambriel said...

What lovely & surprising news! I'm leaving the final choice of print up to you, because I know there's no way you can go wrong with such enchanting visions to choose from :)

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Congrats to your very lucky winners! I'm sure they will love their beautiful prints. Love your new piece that you spotlighted here. :) Theresa

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