June 28, 2013

Mad Hatter

Back from holiday! Had a wonderful road trip to Miami with a group of friends and my girls.  First day back was my birthday and I found out my Mad Hatter mixed media painting was featured in the new Somerrset Studio magazine, so that was a nice surprise.  It's a wonderful issue filled with eye candy and heart, I'm thrilled to be included!
So the shop is open again and I'm getting ready for what summer brings next, weddings, the beach and spending as much time with friends and family as I can on these slower days. Well, its supposed to move a little slower but it doesn't always seem that way! I've started a couple of new pieces that I hope to complete before school starts. I'll try and share a peak soon.

June 09, 2013


Schools out, time for some adventures outside the art classroom!  I painted this Pippi Longstocking the last week of school, I think my inner Pippi was tired of scrubbing the deck (ie end of the year cleaning) and ready to set sail! 
I had an amazing year working with High Schoolers and the adventure that is AP art. I'm already planning for next year and we've been out 2 days! I have a few new projects of my own to tackle this summer, and plan to spend as much time enjoying family and friends as I can (road trip!)  I will be putting my shop on vacation for a couple of weeks, but will reopen soon! 
Happy Summer!