October 29, 2008

A bit of the festive touches around my place, A new find for me these paper lantern style witch hats! I love the little lanterns too and trimmed them with a bit of fluff.
I just wish I had time to cook up more, holidays seem to come faster each year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween. We had a lovely Samhain service at church led by our women's group on Sunday and we are all invited to a bonfire after trick or treating on Friday at a friends campground! This will be my girls first bon fire so they are very excited! Mommy is excited too and hoping it won't be too cold!

And now a question.... What are you (or your younglings) going to be for Halloween this year?

I think I'm going to wear my Arabian Pirate costume (Zora the Explorer LOL! )

Here is Cora Belle with color. Its always a challenge balancing the colors to bring a haunting character to "life" while keeping the ghostly quality. Thank you for the kind comments on the sketch!

October 24, 2008

Ghost, Sailor Girl

Here is a little spirit I've been caring in my sketchbook for a month or two and she is almost ready for paint. I do believe her name is Cora Bell and she is a little ship wreck ghost. Cora Bell loves crisp cotton and ribbons (everything is so damp these days!)
Her favorite color is sea green. You can sometimes see her waving good bye from the deck of departing ships. This is probably not such a good omen.

Hopefully I'll have the painted version ready to share this weekend!

And I suppose everyone knew this but me! The new Alice film will be a mix of stop motion and live action by Tim Burton. Johnny Depp will play the Mad Hatter! Excuse me while my head explodes from glee!

October 19, 2008

Violet, studio notes

I will organize my studio today! *nods head determinedly* Its getting a bit crazy with shipping supplies and art supplies and new jewelry supplies vying for attention! I should be realistic and recognize this will take more than one day, but since when have I let reality get in the way! :)
One more Halloween painting for you, meet " Violet"

October 15, 2008

Cauldron bubble ... and we have a winner!

The day for the drawing has arrived! Isn't this exciting? My little helper has all the names in her shiny cauldron and is stirring them up with her big black spoon.
And she scoops up.... Jessica Mason! Congratulations!

here is Jessica's Halloween prize.. a 5x7 print of "Pepita Pasiley" the Pumpkin Girl, festive felt sticker, and a magnet from my shop!

Well the little witch just couldn't stop there, so she drew 2 more for a a little Halloween treat
Diane Clancy

will recieve a mini print of Miss Paisley our Pumpkin Girl :)

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful creative input, this has been so fun and inspiring for me. I can't begin to thank you for the sweet names, kind words and bits of stories. What a magical group of readers I have! I do believe you have given me names enough to inspire for quite a time to come!

Autumn Blessings!


October 05, 2008

Calamity, a ghost story

I know you've already met Calamity, but she has such stories to tell I made a book for her. Actually its a book/box that opens up for treasure stashing and secret keeping. On the binding it reads "Calamity Walking on Moon Beams" I do think one day she will evolve into a picture book. I do love her like this though, an open book so to speak :) There is a little jar of star dust wired to the hinge and faded roses in her favorite color.

October 04, 2008

The Little Things

Yes, sometimes the smallest things bring big smiles :)

Thank to richlayers of toldtales a wonderful fairy tale community on live journal for the heads up on this! I'm not a big Mc Donalds fan so I would of missed the cuteness that is my tiny Wicked Witch.
I'm a silly enough Elphaba fan to of purchased this on Ebay (well I don't do hamburgers!). And yes I'm feeling a strange buying a mass produced doll, but hopefully I'll be forgiven (*cringes*! Well she was 3.00 ;) Here she is next to my painting "Little Elphaba"

Dear Hubby helped me get all the decorations out of the attic this morning. I just don't think I have enough pumpkins!

I will post pictures when I've made a bit more progress :)