April 22, 2009

A Family of Wizards

I'm walking on clouds, dear Basia has just posted our family portrait! I fell in love with her work after an introduction by Lisa Falzon. This is the second commission she has done for my family and they are both treasures. Her work is like slipping into a magical world of softly glistening dreams.
Basia completely surprised me by portraying us as a family of wizards, she knew my hubby is an avid fencer and that I love fairy tales and bit of the exotic. I'd say she got us just perfect.

April 15, 2009

"Everything I Needed to Know"

"Everything I Needed Know I Learned from Mary Poppins"

Is she coming in for a soft landing or making a graceful exit?

This mixed media piece will be in an exhibit next week in St. Augustine. The theme for the show is spring but little girls in coats kept floating in my mind! Floating and flying, I was fascinated with the idea of flying as a little girl. I'm quite sure I took some leaps with an umbrella with high hopes and air underfoot! I'm relieved I was able to complete her in time for the show, I have two other shows the same day so I'm hard pressed for time. One is for my students, the big county public school show. The other, I have a booth at the Historic Hibernia Arts Festival which thankfully is very close to home!

April 05, 2009

Hold Tight Alice!

"Hold Tight Alice" 
I'm in the mood for spring, wild flowers, and riding rabbits to adventure. 
I'm thinking about doing another tiny Alice painting, I've always wanted to paint her in the pool of tears! Prints are available here
I hope everyone is seeing signs of spring! My girls and I are on break this week *whew* we could really use some down time. I think we are gong to do quiet things tomorrow, hair cuts, library and a trip to the smoothie shop!  Hopefully later in the week we will make it to the beach!