December 27, 2008


Sharing a work in progress, from a book I'm working on. A Swan Princess shape shifter inspired piece. This time of year I think of letting go and shedding the old and unneeded. Transformation is a part of that I think. How we incorporate the old into the new and still manage to fly. I hope to complete her this week, I have two other pieces I'm working on as well and only one more week of holiday left!

December 25, 2008

White Rabbit

Now I can show you my collage of the White Rabbit! I made this for Anunciatta for Christmas so I've kept him under wraps till now. I had so much fun with this piece collecting just the right charms and buttons. I love the idea of him being on stage so I tried to give that effect with the darker papers. Of course his admirers have thrown roses!

(please click on the image to see an enlarged version)

Ice Castles and festivities

We spent Solstice in a cabin at Disney World. I hate to admit but thats as close to real camping as I like to get. I love the outdoors, in the day time! The weather was really cold for us Floridians, we were shivering as we watched the light shows! My youngest and I had our hair done at the Bibbity Boppity Boutique in the Castle as an early Christmas gift. we both felt like princesses (and we got to keep our tiaras! )

The site of this icy castle takes my breath away every time I see it!

We hurried home Christmas Eve to prepare for friends and family that would be arriving for holiday cheer. Had a great time with everyone even though I ended up loosing my voice!

Speaking of voices here is Christmas on Walnut Street. Our town is small enough that they close the downtown for a Christmas show and festival and it seems like the entire town shows up! I have a daughter in the chorus here and my oldest daughter is the one (with purple cat ears) setting up the sound system (she's in High School) In addition to the musical treats there are vendors up and down the streets with funnel cakes, hot coco and cookies.

The other photo is from a holiday party a friend threw that has arts and crafts for all ages, I thought you would enjoy seeing how she set everything up. There were rows of wine glasses filled with beads, dishes of glitter and stems of pipe cleaners! We had such a great time!

Wishing all of you sugar plums and gum drops!

December 19, 2008

Spoon full of Sugar

Wonderful news! My friend Linda is home from the hospital! She will be home for a few weeks and hopes to spend time on her art work, so I made her this get well basket filled with shiny new supplies. A hardback sketchbook, watercolor pencils papers, and pretty collage trimmings. Linda is a dear friend who is always there for everyone in her life, quietly so of those angels in your life. So I'm thrilled she will take a little time for herself and her art.

(ah... but what is in the box you ask?)
Its a spoon full of sugar made by the lovely The Midnight Orange
such a sweet get well gift don't you think? She makes them in all colors too!

December 12, 2008

Lisa Falzon

I'm so thrilled, I just received this breathtaking painting in the mail by the talented Lisa Falzon
Lisa's work is so compelling, filled with enchantment and mystery. I fell in love with this piece "My Twin in the Forest" when she first posted it so you can imagine my delight when the original became available! Silly me, I'm so busy staring at it soaking it in that I haven't taken it to the frame shop. You see I know they will keep if from me for at least two weeks. *pouts*
I promise to take it in next week!
You can see more of Lisa's work here and here

December 07, 2008

wicked tired!

Girls mini road trip! My girls and I went on a little trip to the Indian Culture center to see a dear friend Anunciatta perform. She is an amazing Middle Eastern dancer and had brand new choreography for the show. The entire show was filled with variety and the most wonderful energy. And did I mention the vendors had baklava and brownies made with jamaican curry, coconut and lime!
(and I've been so good dieting! after the show we all went to the pancake house!)
We all crashed in one hotel room so I'm pretty tired from late night giggling with the girls.

This is a collage with a painting I did of Anunciatta while she napped after practice, I used it as the center for this collage "Sleeping Beauty" I'd love to paint her again .. this time I should catch her in action!

And now its getting cold outside, I think it might even freeze! I'm ready to get some beauty sleep myself since its back to work in the morning!