November 18, 2007


I'd like to introduce a most wonderful and enchanting artist, Rima of the Hermitage I've long admired her work and recently been delighted to find that she not only has an Etsy shop but a blog!

here are her links follow them and be transported to a magical place blog website her etsy shop
be sure and check out her stop motion film its wonderful! And I love her new blog... wouldn't you love for her wagon to pull up to your town?

November 06, 2007

Striped Socks!

this is Henri, he is quite uncertain about his new striped socks...

painted for Children's Illustrators Club on Deviant art for the theme of Oct. (Striped socks)
ttp:// this months theme is Polar Bears you can already see entries being submitted...I'm not so speedy! I'm just hoping to get this on in on time ;)