August 28, 2007


15x20 watercolor on illustration board
the original is available on my etsy shop at
.. I also have cute new pocket mirrors in, featuring The Frog Princess and The Sun Goddess!
in the works .... a painting of Vasilisa the all Wise after reading "The Frog Queen"
I need to research my Russian fairy tales, but is Vasilla .. the Beautiful/ the Brave a mortal version of Vasilisa? just wondering. I love those stories!

Russian art and costume fans? just look at this....

August 23, 2007

isn't she wonderful? this delightful little doll is the creation of the talented Helen Grossman
from her profile " I love to work and experiment with different medias like clay, paper, beads, gourds, different paints and surfaces and it is always something new here to learn. Back in Ukraine I learned a decorative folk art style of painting called Petrikivka named after village it was born. I like to incorporate this painting into my dolls, either made of gourds, cloth, etc."
you can see more of Helens work at and

... I couldn't live without the little winter flower doll :) she is now sitting on my studio desk overseeing things!

August 11, 2007

Merry Met! I'm Cat an artist inspired by myth and muse. Welcome to my corner of the woods where you can learn about my newest projects, inspirations and processes and other chaotic and whirly happenings!

Why Darkling Woods? oh how I love words! From Tolkien's poem, "Through darkling woods he walked at will" to Keats nightingale in "Darkling, I listen". Darkling is one of those words I find simply enchanting. And paired with "woods" my love for all thing fairy tale is tied in.

The image above is my newest, "The Frog Princess" I always loved the fairy tale about the little princess and her frog prince. But I have to admit I was always a bit perplexed when she kissed him and turned him into a prince. I couldn't imagine anything better than a talking frog (with a tiny crown!)

So this painting came from that idea, a very impish Princess with her pet.

prints are availble in my Etsy shop at