August 12, 2009

"The Pool of Tears"

"The Pool of Tears"

While painting I started thinking back to my first exposure to Alice, and it was this book. Beautifully Illustrated by Marjorie Torrey and published by Dandelion Press it was a "flip" book with "Peter Pan" on the other side. Peter Pan was one of my favorite stories while Alice on the other side was someone I wasn't quite comfortable with.
I admired Alice but her adventures made me nervous, as I grew older I started to realize that being an only child had some influence on my feelings about Wonderland. Alice stands alone, no prince or brothers to rescue her.
I actually felt daring when I flipped that book over to visit Wonderland. I had a lot to learn from Alice, she keeps her wits about her and only cries once that I remember, the pool of tears. The thought of tears so large you could swim in them like a salty sea is right up there with the disappearing cat in my childhood imagery. So I finally had a chance to paint my own "Pool of Tears" and it was like going back to visit an old friend.
She will be available in my Etsy shop

August 09, 2009

Blog Give away at Diamonds and Toads!

Kate has an absolutely enchanting blog at Diamonds and Toads and I'm honored to be part of her "Sleeping Beauty rewrite" contest. You can visit the blog to read the lovely entries and bonus.... by commenting you are entered in the drawing for my "Sleeping Beauty" print.

For all the details just visit Diamonds and Toads!

August 05, 2009

"Pool of Tears" Alice In Wonderland

Work in Progress

Back to Wonderland! I remembered to take pictures while I was working on this painting, I hope to finish" Alice and the Pool of Tears"sometime this week.