January 23, 2009

One World One Heart

Welcome to my entry for "One World One Heart" this give away is open to everyone! Please leave a comment and I will draw the winner on Feb 12th! I just adore Valentines Day so I choose a sweet Valentine Print for my gift to give.

I'm new to One Heart One World, I found it through A Fanciful Twist . (Thank you Valencia!) The founder of One Heart is Lisa at Whimsical Bohemian This is the third year of the give away that brings artist/bloggers together around the globe! This year there are hundreds already signed up to take part.

Its so easy to feel alone in our little creative worlds. I'd venture few of us are lucky enough to many kindred spirits in the art world in our day to life. Blogging has become like windows into other artists spaces and hearts for me, Its so inspiring after a long day teaching to take a peak at what Karen has been cutting out of wood in her workshop or what lovely dolls are coming to life at "The Fairies Nest"
Or I can sit with a cup of my favorite tea and biscotti and read about Edward and his person Pamela and be completely enchanted!
One Heart One World was created to bring more artists together and that my friends, makes me smile.

my offering for this global giveaway is an archival print of "Love Bird" that will be hand accented with sweet glitters! I'll also include a little surprise!

please remember to comment so I can add your name to the hat! You do not have to have a blog to enter, but I do need contact info. Take some time to explore the other wonderful artists giveaways by clicking here One Heart One World. All drawings will be held Feb. 12th.

*passes out candy hearts*

(closed for drawing 2/12 4 pm)

January 13, 2009

Winter Queen

Ah spoke too soon! all this balmy weather and palm trees had me lulled into early spring dreams. I do love the winter, its my favorite really. Somehow its been warm so long it felt as if winter had passed us by. Tomorrow my northern friends you may giggle at this tropical girl who dreams of snow as she searches for mittens in the swim suit drawer. I just know somewhere in my closet *peers deep into the abyss* there is a coat.. at least a jacket? Lady winter is coming to call with chills getting into the 20's by the end of the week. I can't ever remember it being this cold! I'm a bit giddy that we have a fireplace and an excuse to light it. I'm not so excited about the thought of getting up out of a snug bed in that weather!
Perhaps we will see snowflakes!

*dreams of making snow angels*

January 10, 2009

peek at spring

The weather here is crazy warm, my azaleas are even starting to bloom! So I'm starting work on spring inspired pieces. Spring brings to mind unbirthday parties and tea time for me. Here is a rough sketch that is part of my Alice series of the inhabitants of Wonderland. I think the colors will be golden browns and pinks for this one. I've spent much more time than I'm comfortable with working on the computer since getting the hard drive replaced and it feels really good to get a sketch down.

And for all of my fellow winter fans don't worry I still have at least one more winter painting "Star Child" in the works for you!

January 03, 2009

White Rabbit under the tree

Its great to back with you guys, my laptop failed me and I had to have the hard drive replaced. I've missed everyone online!

Isn't this little guy great? He was under my tree, a gift from hubby and my girls. He was intended to go with my Alice statue out in the garden but I'm growing so fond of him I think he might live in my studio.. do you think Alice will mind?

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I wish you a very bright New Year!