February 11, 2011

Hearts and Shadows, Peter Pan

Valentines and fairy tales, Who is the Most Romantic of them All?

   Wendy and Peter are my favorite fairy tale couple. What makes the Neverland pair so special?  flying children and lost boys?  Part of the intrigue for me was that shadow, not as exciting as flying but oh so much more mysterious. Does Peter's shadow only escape in our world or does it slip away from him in Neverland as well?

I couldn't understand why Wendy didn't want to stay in Neverland (of course I could never understand why the Princess would kiss the frog either..wouldn't you rather have a talking frog?) Now that I'm older I can see how Peter wanting her to be the lost boys mother, well isn't the most romantic thing.  But she gains her fame by telling stories, which is pretty fantastic.
But that "thimble" kiss, pixie dust flights over London  and perhaps even the letting each other go have won my heart!
(drawing 2011 Peter and Wendy)

Who is your Favorite Fairy Tale couple? Which prince would you choose to ride up on a white horse this Valentines day?