September 30, 2008

Pumpkin Lass

Well Pumpkin lass is colored and painted and is generally feeling quite pleased from all the attention all of you have been lavishing on her. If you haven't had a chance, go to the entry below to name her and enter my Halloween drawing!

Ahhh, Autumn, even here in Florida the air is just a touch cooler. We've been taking more walks and I even pulled weeds this weekend and put out some wonderful purple and orange flowers. I can't wait to get the Halloween decorations out of the attic this weekend!

September 17, 2008

Halloween Give Away!

Another Pumpkin Girl coming to life in my dear moleskine watercolor book. But this one isn't talking.. she just won't tell me her name. So I thought... perfect topic for my first blog giveaway!

The rules

1. post your idea for a name for Pumpkin Girl.

2. make sure you leave contact info

3. I will drop all the entries into a hat for a drawing on Oct. 15th

The winner will receive a special Halloween goody package from my shop

September 16, 2008

Ella, Little Pumpkin patch girl

I've been busy with Halloween goodies for you!

Meet "Ella" my little pumpkin patch girl. If you notice her mice you might guess why she prefers "Ella" to Ellie (her real name). You see Ella has been reading fairy tales and has a big imagination! She is hoping her fairy godmother will come along one day too. She really prefers her walking shoes to glass slippers though.

And here is "Soot" a sweet little Halloween kitty.

Prints available here

I will be listing the originals Thursday.

September 12, 2008

Bluebeard *time for scary stories*

Illustration by Gustave Doré
Bluebeard, The fairy tale that reads most like a horror story. I'm actually quite sure I never read this story as a child (and I read a good many tales!) I believe it once was very popular, back when fairy tales weren't so sanitized. This story is pretty difficult to clean up for modern readers.
Bluebeard is the tale of the husband Bluebeard who forbids his new bride to enter one room in their home while he is away. He had been married many times before and the wives have vanished.
Bluebeard for me is a tale of contradictions, curiosity is a dangerous thing in this story, or is it the key to survival? One thing that rings true is once the discovery is out made is no going back. (the image of the key is one of the most powerful in the tale) Somethings cannot be undone.
you can read the whole story here at SurLalune
I've created a minature portrait of one of Bluebeard's unfortunate wives. Its ACEO size 2.5x3.5 inches the original is here. The pocket sized portrait just felt right. I'd also love to do one of heroine of the tale.

I'd love to know if you found this story as a child or later in life?

September 08, 2008


"Bells" A dancing sprite. watercolor, actually I painted her at the start of summer when I feeling very carefree and whirly!

her costume is inspired by some wonderful belly dance costumes I've seen. Hopefully I'll find time to do some more dancers! And maybe find more time to dance myself.

Prints available here Also in a new batch of sweet pocket mirrors!

September 05, 2008

Dragon con and camera mishaps

Sadly no pictures yet of dragon con or the pirate party to share, please cross your fingers for me! I'm doing battle with a malfunctioning memory card to get them back. (and really lovely pictures they were! Its making me nuts!) My advice.. don't get a new camera before a big trip.

One of the great things about these conventions is catching up old friends, like Dana my writing partner who I don't see in real life often enough, and likewise Fati an up and coming film maker and artist who seems like a little sis.

I also had the pleasure of meeting CJ Bloomer and his lovely wife for the first time after long admiring his mythology inspired work. If you haven't seen it yet you must check it out! His work is classical and fresh at the same time, like looking into a favorite storybook. I had preordered his graphic novel "The Price of Tea" and was delighted to find he had personalized it for me :)
Then I saw this piece in person "Ryuketsu Shrine" I had seen it on deviant art and thought it beautiful, but that hadn't prepared me for the glory of the piece in person. Its quite large and very vibrant, I couldn't afford the original (worth every penny though) Lucky for me CJ was offering a limited run of three large prints :) I was so thrilled, its already hanging in my daughters room (she's so lucky!)

My display seemed to be doing well, we had to come back before the convention was over so I won't know until the they ship everything back for sure! One year I'll have to actually work a booth but I really love flying free around the convention with my girls!