March 27, 2008

Cheshire Cat

 Back to Wonderland! 

My newest painting 
"The Cheshire Cat" 
He was my favorite as a little girl, and I adored cats and thought they were all magically clever. (well aren't they?) A smiling one was creepy and intriguing all at the same time. I tried to capture that mystery and dapper air in this piece. 

Prints and original available 

(copyright property of the artist, violators will be taken to the Queen of Hearts)

March 22, 2008

Serpent Mandalas

Happy Spring!

Today I'm featuring an artist whose work I've long been enchanted by Lindy Longhurst. And her work just makes me feel like its spring time!

Here is one of her beautiful works of art inspired by fairy tales, "Rapunzel" The attention to detail and pure joy in her art is just wonderful to see.

and here is "The Frog Prince" I think the colors in this piece just sing! 

For more of her inspiring work please visit her web page. You will find more mandalas, paintings inspired by dreams and lovely gifts
or blog

March 14, 2008

moo cards

my moo cards are here!

Aren't they cute? In case you haven't heard of them, moo cards are half the size of traditional business cards made by moo in England. I'm really happy with them, they are much thicker than I expected and the color is great, all my contact info is on the back. The best thing about them is you have unlimited number of images to feature on your cards! 

March 13, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

"Alice"  2008
Have I mentioned that I adore Alice, even though when I was little the story terrified me? See I had a book with Peter Pan on one side and when you turned it over and upside down Alice in Wonderland was on the other. I'm sure there were other book made this way but it was a bit unnerving all the same that down the rabbit hole was literally topsy turvy!
 But Alice, she was my hero! yes she cried, but she kept her wits even though the adults around here were nutty as can be! And what child can't relate to that? She was also so independent, no fairy godmother or prince for Alice. 

Oh yes I do adore the other more traditional tales with Princesses and towers, and princes *swoons* but this tale was about a real little girl, someone I might of known or been myself. 

So here I painted her feet firmly planted in Wonderland, and The Cheshire Cat is keeping a close eye on her every move, and yes thats the Queen of Hearts on the card!
Prints are available here 

March 07, 2008

Magic Carpet Ride

my new watercolor "Magic Carpet Ride"

Magic Carpet Ride is available here 
I've got sketches complete for 4 new paintings. I hope to work on the Alice in Wonderland piece this weekend. Others are "Climb" and a new little Witch, and "To the Fairy Market"
I'm needing to do some mixed media work, I can just feel it coming on :)