June 22, 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010 and Give Away Prize!

That clock is exactly two days late! Oh Alice, I do know how you feel! You see I'm very excited the Mad Tea Party will be on my Birthday this Saturday the 26th (not Unbirthday but the actual big day!) But now I know I won't be home and was feeling a little perplexed over what to do.... When I heard the rustle of leaves outside my window. Wandering out what did I catch a glimpse of but this lovely spirit.
I do believe she is dressed for tea! She beckoned for me to follow her through the garden.

I trailed behind till we came to the back garden gate, curiously there was a key left out, I opened the gate and followed her through. (she didn't need a key of course!) I have to admit I was feeling rather sheepish at this point, Would I be letting her and other ghosts of tea parties past and future down by not having a tea party on my birthday ... Then she turned and smiled and said, "Silly goose, looking glass time runs forwards and back whichever you choose!"

She then disappeared, just like that, leaving behind her hat on the gate post. I placed it reverently upon my head like a crown and raised a cup to her. Promising to remember to let time be on my side for a change!

And to remind yourself to take some time out to be *mad* here is my birthday giveaway for you! An archival print of "Mat Hatter" raising his cup and an original ATC (artist trading card) "Tea Time" To enter just leave a comment! I will draw the winner July 4th!

I hope I'm forgiven for having my Mad Tea Party a bit early, But I'm on Wonderland time!
Be sure and visit the magical Valencia's blog to find the rest of the Mad Tea Parties! (most of which will start on the proper date of June 26th!)

*Passes out cups, and toast with jam* (yes, jam today! ;)

June 16, 2010

Distracted by Shiny Objects

A Magpie Post....

I went out to purchase a bath mat, and was distracted by a giant wooden key and scissors. What do you think came home with me? Let's count hands.. Bath mat *peers about room* strange oversized objects?* Yes! you have met me!
Well these unsuspecting plain Jane scissors had to sit and wait for me to have a day off, and when I did I pounced. I think it was time for some art therapy because it took two cans of pink spray paint and a large assortment of rhinestones to complete.

I'm quite pleased with the results, this blingy pair of scissors is just what my studio and creative spirit needed!

And speaking of creative spirits I came across this great series on creativity (posted by firefluff on twitter) this article on being eccentric and creativity.
Check out the list of eccentric tendencies

Score 10 out of 15 on this doctors list and you are quirky my friends!
I'm not big into taking quizes but this list was an eye opener for me. You see, not only do I fit just about every item listed, I never grasped why others didn't, and often feel/felt so sad for them. Really, bored? There is so much in this world to marvel at and learn! Of course we all have off days but I can't imagine not having interests and passions. My stress is not having time for them all! I'm so fortunate to have all of you here in blogland who are so eccentric (and I mean that as a high complement!) with bright eyes and open hearts! You are much appreciated!

What do you think, does eccentricity and artistic talent go hand in hand?
Or are eccentric folks simply more likely to feel free to pursue their artistic passions?

Food for thought, and do eccentrics ever own bath mats? I wonder....

June 10, 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010

It's almost time again Hatter's, Hare's and sweet Alice's don't be late... time to sign up for the 3rd Annual Mad Tea Party Hosted by "A Fanciful Twist" just visit her blog to sign up. Its a wonderful romp through blog land!
The party isn't an Unbirthday one for me, the 26th is my birthday so I will be working on a special giveaway to go with your tea and cakes!
If you missed my 2009 tea party (which was crashed by the doormouse ) you can take a peak here.
*runs off to gather tea cups*