April 29, 2010

We're All Mad

A new member has joined my mixed media Alice family, Cheshire Cat sitting pretty in a tree!

I've been in a pink mood of late and it just spilled over to this "in the pink" Cheshire kitty. I always loved how Cheshire might mad, but always so calm and cool. A good role model I think!

Prints available here

April 11, 2010

Bits and Bobs

Sometimes I get the urge to sew, although my relationship with my seam ripper is stormy one. What I love most is gathering, finding the perfect bits of trim and velvets one thing leads to anther and I've landed into a new project. I had all good intentions of completing this on my "spring break" a bus trip to DC ( I had 15 hours after all ) but I underestimated the distraction of 45 8th graders, and motion sickness. Lets just say I wasn't very productive. But no worries, I'll be back to busy hands in no time now that I'm home again! So soon this little pile of trim should become sweet little cuffs!

I'm actually even more motivated after our trip, I don't get to travel much and I'm not much of a monument girl so I had an eye out for fashion without realizing it. Not trendy/pricey fashion of course, but what real people might be wearing in another place, especially a big city (like Philly!) Imagine my dismay to see only a sea of drab sad drab sad drab, actually worse than home! Now of course we didn't get to go clubbing, this is malls, museums and on the streets and metro. Hope I'm not offending anyone as Cliff and Stacy would tie me up and burn my closet in an heart beat (my own person style ranges from Wednesday Adams to Punky Brewster, I don't take it seriously!)
I've actually thought of starting a fashion blog but I'm afraid Cliff and Stacy would hunt me down!
And a shopping hit, London based Accessorize href="http://www.monsoon.co.uk/page/acchome"> where we found the cutest hair flowers in DC!