November 25, 2008

"Little Red"

Over the river ... Wishing all of my dears in blog land a most wonderful Thanksgiving! I know those of you outside the US don't celebrate it but maybe you can treat yourself to a slice of pie and think of us yanks ;)

We are busy busy readying the house for the big meal! We have a total of 10 for dinner which for us is exciting! I will be making what my daughter calls *pie marshmallow* the good ole sweet potatoes with tiny marshmallows on top. Baked until they are toasty brown....yum! Along with cranberry sauce (with marmalade) and other various dishes, of course everyone coming will bring a special dish as well. Looks nervously at scale!

November 16, 2008


What is it about fall that makes me want to nest? Everyone else spring cleans ... I arrange my long neglected nest in preparation for the holidays.
I'm even enjoying domestic activities like cooking this time of year. I just made wonderful scallops and shrimp with olive oil and garlic *yum* Maybe its the chill in the air, which in itself is a rare jewel here in Florida, or the looming specter of company arriving, but I'm all a flurry with activity that normally I would put off till tomorrow (or the day after!)

My youngest daughter had her first ensemble experience at a county chorus competition, her group made superior and she was so proud. It's almost surreal to see your child breaking away with this new talent blooming. Especially one as foreign as vocals are to me! Its been a wonderful experience for her so far and I think she may even go out for show choir next year.

Speaking of school, I can't believe its almost time for fall break! I've got so many loads of clay pots to fire for the kids .. then glaze and refire before the semester ends *scrambles* I always do this and run full force until the last minute. One day I will learn value of *winding down* Before you know it, a new semester will be here with a new eager and energetic classes! No wonder I want to savor the autum, it is when time seems to travel too fast!

I have had a little time to paint..... this is "Kitty" with her pet bird out enjoying the crisp fall sky.

November 12, 2008


I've been double tagged for this one, so I'd better get to it!

the rules are tell 7 little known things about yourself then tag 7 others (be sure and link everyone!)

Alteredevents and Karen from Moonlight and Hares thanks for thinking of me!

seven things about me

1. I decided to become an artist as a teenager while looking at a sunset turning into a violet night sky. Nothing else seemed as important as those colors.
2. I adore flowers and plants, and dream of knowing what I'm doing in the garden.
3. I've never been out of country *sigh*
4. I love to travel!
5. As much as I love nature, I'm not much of a camper. I remember being so let down after finding out the girl scout cookie sales were to raise money for a lousy camping trip!
6. I'm adopted and wonder what ethnic background I might have.
7. I miss baking, I just never seem to have time (and I don't need to eat it!) . I sometimes look at pictures of pretty cookies and cupcakes and swoon!

and seven taggies (is that a word?) these delightful bloggers!