I've had requests for a tutorial for some time,  I've been meaning to comply but get carried away and forget to take enough pictures. Finally here is "Luthien" in several stages for you.
Rough sketch of "Luthien" on watercolor paper
I was always interested in watercolors, there is something about the immediacy and translucency that drew me in. I remember in Universtiy when I asked my professors about learning watercolor I was told it was used in the illustration classes but no one used it in the fine art dept. We were learning acrylic and oils which I still use, but I never saw the point in limitations on media. I was too young and impressionable to speak up at the time but I think it did impact how I work with my own students and encouraging them to explore different materials. So I'm self taught in watercolors, even though I was a painting major. Hopefully these steps will be of some help to those of you new to the medium or if you enjoy seeing works in process.
Starting to add leaves to the background, I try to keep pencil lines light as they don't get covered up in watercolor.
Adding a wash of yellow ocher for undertones

Still adding layers of color to the background, working light to dark
Creating Luthien's flowing gown, layering blues leaving areas of white. 
Making progress! Notice that the yellow under painting is only showing in a few places. However watercolor is translucent so the when the purple is layered over the yellow ocher the colors become more natural and muted. 
A bit of gray added to the trees and more foliage and the painting is complete!

I hope these images are helpful, maybe in the future I can make a video of a watercolor or mixed media piece for you!



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