November 29, 2010

The Care and Keeping of Hearts

"The Care and Keeping of Hearts" (bell jars, ribbons and string)
                A little tribute drawing for Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman on the momentous event of their still life wedding *tosses rose petals*

November 21, 2010

Sleepwalking indeed..

About 3 am (an appropriate time for moon paintings I suppose!) I completed my Moongirl "Sleepwalking"

So very fortunate to have some time off this week for the holiday (hence the all night painting!).   Wish I could continue to hole up in the studio but alas the big dinner is at our home so preparations much be made! 

Enjoy the night!

November 13, 2010


I've started a series of moon girls, this ones a weary walker. I thought I'd share a bit of work in progress on this watercolor one.

November 12, 2010

Into the Woods

 What is the very first fairy tale that you remember? Was it sweet and filled with promises, glass slippers and magical kisses? Or did it involve dark woods, wandering alone... dropping desperate breadcrumbs?   I adore all types of tales but the dark ones were the first to draw me in, the the little girl in the flashy red cape.

A few of my favorite red caps to take you into the woods....

from Cart Before the Horse 

A whimsical world of wonders awaits you here!

Isabella's Art I have a soft spot for black and white and Isabella hits it!  

    The Fairies Nest  
Enchanting Dolls with the sweetest faces! (and wait till you see the tiny little boots on this one!)

And coming this spring Red Riding Hood as a gothic horror movie produced by Leonardo DiCaprio

November 11, 2010

Running With Wolves

    Servant of the Moon

 He was the oldest, and wildest of them. Through moonlit bracken he padded, seeking to be closer or was it further?  From her

Servant of the Moon, he howls, his worship shattering the calm

He’s witnessed it all, since she first unfolded the night and scattered the stars

The remembrance darkens his heart, for as he gets older the days grow distant and only night is real

The only lightness comes carrying a basket of offerings

The fecklessness of her enchants him, draws him closer to her brightness, the sweet scent of wildflowers in her clutch intoxicate, the blood red of her cloak hypnotic

  Lesser beasts dare not stray close to his wandering Little Red

so I do sometimes tell stories....

I created this mixed media piece awhile ago and finally was able to get good photo's (it was very hard to capture!)  The front piece is print of my Into the Woods painting, melted wax, petals and papers. The writing in gold is from the above.  The back of the canvas is a painting of the wolf , Its a deep canvas and can sit free like a shrine or hang.  This is the only piece I've made in this shrine style, This Little Red seemed to call for a  hidden wolf.

For more on the traditional Little Red stories visit  SurLa Lune a treasure trove for fairy tale lovers!

November 01, 2010


 I hope your treat bags are bursting at the seams this morning!

The wheel of the random number generator has been spun (or whatever magic happens in there, I like to picture a little hamster twirling it!) and the winner is .. dear Kambriel!

 Kambriel  will receive the Halloween grand prize of print of her choice and other little serendipitous sundries from the studio.

 I decided one prize wasn't enough for my special followers on such a special holiday so I made that hamster run the wheel 2 more times!

marilavado  and Laume  
will also be receiving their choice of print!

Thank you all for for your entries and thoughtful comments, really thank you, thank you!