October 30, 2010

For the Love of Monsters

A work mate smiled kindly at me yesterday and said, you really like that fantasy stuff don't you?

Oh my, I've let my slip show haven't I?

 I've always been one of those odd ducks, you know the ones clutching the fantasy or poetry book.  As a little girl I loved Poe (why is no one surprised?).  I thought the Bride of Frankenstein was the most beautiful creature ever. 

Why Monsters?  A little pigtaled girl with her nose in Fangoria at the news stand  (no one would buy it for me, if I was lucky I would get a Casper comic!)
  I don't like modern scary movies (you know the ones) all gore, no wonder.

Then so eloquently, Mr. Gaiman sums it all up in a quote by Ogden Nash.  When asked in this interview, "Why monsters?"  He replies with the quote by Nash,
         "When there are Monsters, there are miracles"

    Which pretty much sums up why Gaiman's stories are so powerful. When I read his tales the characters and places are so very real because there isn't just dark and light but all sorts of gray. He does all this and yet weaves it with such care to the wonder ..miracle that beating heart of whatever beast he has awoken for his tale. Being a caretaker of monsters is no light task, he dares to walk the tightrope and you feel it in every story.

                          My wicked little "Snow White" drawn after hearing (and seeing) the Atlanta Raido Company perform Gaiman's "Snow Glass Apples"  Hope she doesn't come knocking for treats tomorrow night!

pssst... here is the lovely interview with Mr. Gaiman below!

October 25, 2010

Trick or Treat!

 It's almost the big day! Masks will be donned, pumpkins carved and apples dipped.  We attended a Witches Ball Saturday night and had great fun taking the costumes on a test drive before the big night. I can't wait till our girls join us in their Wonderland best on Halloween! 

My dear Hatter says I'm just in time to squeeze in a treat for your goodie bag! 

Trick or Treat!

    Just pop over to my shop and leave in the comments what your favorite print is. On Halloween I'll draw a lucky trick or treater to win their choice of print plus some special treats from my studio stash! (and no tricks!)

Oh Look, Dear Hatter says, "Don't be late!" you need to enter by Oct. 31st to be put in the hat! 

If you would like more than one chance to win, just blog, facebook or twitter the giveaway and leave a comment about each!

*passes bowl of candy corn*

Happy Halloween!

October 18, 2010

A winner!

Congratulations to  Brandy the winner of the octopus prize!  Thank all of you so much for entering, be sure and stay tuned there will be another giveaway soon! 
Here's a sweet little cephalopod to bring a smile to your day because you always brighten mine with your kind words!

October 07, 2010

Cephalopod Eve, A Giveaway to Celebrate!

"Blush" 2010 Cat Mallard
Yes, tomorrow  October, 8th is International Cephalopod Awareness Day!   and to celebrate its giveaway time! 
The winner will receive a signed 8x10 archival print of my newest painting "Blush"

To enter:
1 entry leave a comment 
2 entries tweet or post the giveaway on your facebook and mention this in a new comment
3 entries?  Blog about the giveaway or "Blush" be sure and comment again so I'll know!

Just look at this blue beauty. Do you think he might help me draw the winner? Hmmm he might be too grabby!  In any case the winner will drawn on Friday, Oct. 15th

Happy Cephalopod Day!

October 01, 2010

Daphne and Halloween memories of the classic 70's

   My offering for this month's EHAG Emporium where you will find a collection of original Halloween art created by the EHAG members.

   I never tire of dreaming up new witches, just as a girl I choose being a witch for Halloween  more often than not. Although I have to admit when I was a little thing my costumes were those sad things that came in cardboard boxes with thin elastic bands on the masks that would break long before the big night.
I'm pretty sure this is what made my dreams come true one fine  October day back in the early 1970's
Oh Sabrina... You were a dream come true!

Wishing all of you dear readers a wonderful Autumn season!