June 26, 2009

Mad Tea Party, Happy Birthday to me and a gift for you!

Its time! for Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party!

Now I realize Mad Tea Parties are supposed to be for Un-Birthdays but its my birthday so by Royal proclamation of the Queen of Hearts... You are here by invited to my Un-Birthday Party Birthday Party! I have a little party favor for you too, I will be drawing a name from my list of followers to win this enchanting little white rabbit pendant from my shop.

Alice and the Mad Hatter arrived first. Followed by the White Rabbit and birthday girl.
The feast included lemon frosted cupcakes (with gumdrops) chocolate flowers molded by Alice and the Hatter themselves, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that mysteriously read "Eat Me" on them!

Imagine our surprise to find Door Mouse at the table sipping tea! Is it just me, or is the party getting more and more colorful?

Of course we saved a special place for you, with a warm cup of Wonderland tea and cookies!
Remember the White Rabbit giveaway, I will do a drawing on July 4th of all my blog followers to pick the winnner!

And another surprise I'm having Birthday sale! All prints in my shop are buy one get one free till July 4th!

would you care for cream or honey in your tea?

June 25, 2009

Princess Slipper's and a winner!

Thank you for all the lovely guesses for my daughters role in Midsummer Night's Dream, many of them I guessed myself when she asked! Ahhh but no one guessed it, (if it makes you feel better, neither did I!) She has the part of Bottom! *giggles* If you only knew what a delightful one of kind girl she was you would really appreciate it!

But don't fear, a winner will we shall have, we drew numbers for all the entries and *drum roll*
Coty is our winner! And she will receive a print of her choice from the shop!

In other news I just completed my series of princess slippers with Cinderella. They are available here Now I'm off to work on candy and cupcakes for the Mad Hatter Tea Party!

June 22, 2009

Ehag Gorey Tribute, Little Miss Muffet

I'm so excited to be a part of Ehag (Eclectic Halloween Artists Group) This months challenge was a tribute to the art of Edward Gorey. Click here to see all the wonderful Ehag creations inspired by the dark whimsy of Gorey.

My tribute is this ink drawing, "Little Miss Muffet's Weaving Lesson" I always like to think Little Miss and the Spider came to an understanding.

June 20, 2009

Happy Midsummer Night! and a guessing game!

I found this enchanting 1909 video that I had to share. This one of my favorite Shakespeare plays so I was delighted to learn my daughters theater group is going to perform it. Last week she came home bursting with excitement over the part she was cast for!

To celebrate Midsummer night I'll send a surprise gift to the first person to correctly guess her role in Midsummer Night's Dream!

(be sure and leave a way for me to contact you with your guess if you don't blog)

June 08, 2009

The Macabre Masquerade

ahhh, The Bride of Frankenstein enters the ballroom of the Macabre Masquerade.  I'm not sure her charming little mask will fool anyone but she feel so elegant wearing it! 

original painted with gouache and watercolors, archival prints here in my Etsy shop

Just in from a short holiday, we waste no time once that last school bell rings! We actually have our bags packed before the last day of school. Feels good to be back home though (we all missed Capt. Jack) and to get back into my studio. I love my day job (most of the time) but once spring hits my mind drifts to summer plans and projects. Of course my first one would be a Halloween theme! Hope you like the Bride, I have another Masquerade attendee in the works (my pumpkin head girl) and I'm having fun deciding on what she should wear!

Magic Onions and Fairy Godmothers

I've been a very lucky girl of late, I won an enchanting hand felted godmother from "The Magic Onion" You really have to go to her lovely blog and see them all! 
Really who couldn't use a fairy Godmother to look over them? 
More giveaway news soon, and a new one of my own coming up! 

June 01, 2009

Napoleon Wrapped Around Her Finger

Came home weary and dragging after a long day at school today. Drooping along I checked my mail box and like magic my spirits soared! *Hurray for packages in the post*
I treated myself to an end of the school year splurge you see, the ever brilliant Lisa Falzon has been back to making one of kind jewelry pieces incorporating her paintings! *sigh* How's a girl to resist? This one is "Napoleon Wrapped Around her Finger"
Perfect timing.. my women's group is meeting tonight to discuss favorite artists and I'll be wearing a piece from one of mine!