January 29, 2008

Queen for a Day

Portrait of Catharine with Sparrow and Pomegranate by Lisa Falzon

This a photo collage portrait I commissioned by the ever talented Lisa Falzon, an artist I've been admiring for quite sometime. her web site is http://www.lisafalzon.com and for information on a portrait commission for yourself you can visit her deviant art site http://meluseena.deviantart.com/ She also does amazing traditional paintings and illustrations as well.

Thank you Lisa!

January 06, 2008

West of Moon

"Hold on tight to my shaggy coat" Detail from my November submission for Children's illustrators club on deviant art. The theme was polar bears and I was drawn to an old favorite East of Sun West of Moon :)

Prints are available in my shop along with new prints of my ruby slipper painting, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road".