July 30, 2010

Queen of Hearts Crown, Where are my tarts?

   Well this hatter has completed her crown,  I've made a tutorial for the crown, just click the link at the top of the page. 
I'd love to see your photos if you make one! Remember you don't have to make a Queen of Hearts crown the pattern can be used for any type of crown a White Queen, or Princess for example.  What I like to do is pull out all my magpie supplies (see previous post) at least twice as many as you will actually use so you will have plenty to choose from and spread everything out, mix match and try different things together, you might be surprised what you do end up using! Heavier trims can be attached with hot glue or even wire.
Wouldn't shelf holding a row of these little crowns look divine?  Of course I just  want to wear mine every day!

July 13, 2010

Painting the Roses Red

Painting the roses red? I've pulled out all my red and rosy scraps, bits and bobs. You see Dragon Con is right around the corner and I'm determined to make my own "Queen of Hearts" Crown to wear. I've never made a crown before so this should be fun! Should I take photos in progress? Also working on fancy hat pins for Mad Hatter Hats, I love working on the details for costumes!

Congratulations to Melissa winner of the Mad Tea Party drawing! And thank you to all who stopped in for tea! I'm still making it around to everyone's party (is the saying "always late to the party"?) I'm so enchanted by the feeling the event takes on. Its like our little portal through blog land that happens every year now, amazing really. Thank you Vanessa for being such a wonderful hostess!