April 29, 2008

DC and DaVinci

While in DC with the 8th grade class I had the opportunity to take my group to the National Gallery. We didn't have as much time as I'd like (of course I could spend days in there!) we did get to see Leonardo's Ginerva. 

I was strangely taken by the painting. Of course I'd seen it in books for years, but nothing could prepare me for seeing her in person. I could wax on over her beauty, the brush strokes, etc. However that isn't what I felt while standing there mesmerized. What I felt was a timelessness in her gaze, an artist reaching across the centuries through his models face. I have to admit I was teary eyed and had to send my quickly bored students on to the next exhibit.  Ok I realize that many people must have this reaction, I mean it is a Da Vinci I just didn't think I would go all fan girly right there in the museum! 

April 26, 2008


Meet Calamity, the little ghost out for a midnight walk on the moonbeams. She is a wee bit afraid of heights you see, so her little moth friends are lending a hand. 

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April 20, 2008

No Place Like Home!

Had a wonderful trip to DC, despite a loooong bus ride with the 8th grade class :) My oldest daughter loved everything, especially the beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom.  
A highlight for me of course was seeing Dorothy's ruby slippers. There is still a bit of magic there don't you think?  We even brought home a stuffed Toto. 

I read Wicked on the bus trip,  I'm in love with Elphaba and still a bit scared of the flying monkeys! 

When I arrived home imagine how tickled I was to find that ebonypaws had featured my Ruby slipper painting in her blog.. check it out if you love red shoes!

April 05, 2008

Red Wings

"Red Wings" mixed media for Chlidren's Illustrators Club 

There was a children's book about a little white rabbit who wished for red wings. ( the title was the "Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings")
I remember reading this as a child and being delighted that the little rabbit's wish was granted. What could be better than sprouting bright red wings? As the plot played out however my heart broke for the little winged rabbit. You see no one would befriend him, or take care of him with the red wings. Not even his own mother! 
Now, I'm sure the idea was to happy with they way you are, but the story gave me chills and still does. In my little mind the story's moral was; if you were different, or changed, no one would love you. 

 The theme for Children Illustrator's Club this month was angels. I had almost forgotten this story when along comes my angel sprouting red wings. The collage elements are from a vintage book that was discarded from our library on pantomime and that worked perfectly for me. Because in real life we can't wish those red wings away. 

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