January 25, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway!

Welcome to my One World One Heart Giveaway for 2010!

be sure and grab a magic ticket and visit all the blogs on your way

One World One Heart

The theme this year is magic carpet ride so I'm offering a print that features a magical journey from the fairy tale "East of Sun, West of Moon". Our heroine ( who I call Snowdrop) is shown here riding on the back of the white bear. "Hold tight to my shaggy coat" said the bear. Off they go into the unknown, love and adventure lie ahead!

To enter my giveaway just leave a comment (and a way to contact you if you aren't on blogger) the deadline to enter is Feb 14th and I'll draw the name and announce the winner Feb. 15th

Good luck and happy travels!

January 23, 2010

Isabella Art

I'd like to introduce you (if you haven't already had the pleasure) to the work of Dutch artist Isabella Baudelaire, fairy tale weaver and shadow puppet maker extraordinaire. (goodness, her name rhymes with extraordinaire, I just realized that!)
Isabella's work is seeped with tales of old world charm but with her unique whimsical twist.

Pictured here is her drawing "Learning to Fly" I adore this illustration. Its filled with storytelling while being so very personal.

And her Shadow Puppet "Guardian of Springtime" Which is pure delight.

to see more here is Isabella's blog and her deviant site

January 09, 2010

"Sleeping Beauty" Mixed media collage on canvas

Diamonds and Toads is holding an "Enchanted Conversation" with original stories, poetry and art inspired by Sleeping Beauty.
I'm honored that my Sleeping Beauty collage is featured as an illustration to the poem "Happily Ever After" There is even a comment contest so don't miss out!

I hope all of you have awoken to a magical new year filled with promise!

The collage is available at a special sale price over at my shop