April 23, 2011

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where have you been?

Why we've been to London to visit the Queen!
My girls and I had a grand time in London, our first trip across the pond. I've dreamed of making this trip since, well forever. When I was a little girl my Mom would recite the Pussy Cat visiting the Queen verse to me and I suppose I took it to heart, only by the time I made it to London my heart was more set on seeing Ophelia.

Knowing how inspired I am by the Pre Raphaelites Kris Walderr recommended I have tea at the Morris Room at the Victoria and Albert. My photo doesn't do the room justice, but I wanted to share it as I know many of you love Morris and Burne-Jones as well.

View from St. James Park Bridge

Daffodils were in bloom all over Cardiff!

Isn't this the most charming village? I felt like I'd stepped into a fairy tale.
And look, a tray of fairy cakes just drop a pound in the slot and take a cake. Well they weren't called fairy cakes but in this village don't tell me the thought wouldn't cross your mind! But alas, we ate the cakes and still ended up back home the following week!
I'm certain a piece of my heart was left behind, but that would of happened fairy cakes or not I'm afraid.