August 17, 2008

Fit for a Queen

What a confection! My youngest daughter Savvy is the proud owner of this lush crown. My dear friend Michelle made it for her (Michelle is an artistic wonder without a web presence ... I need to do something about that!)

The crown is the type of glorious piece that every time you look at you see something new. I wish you could of seen her face when she received it!

btw.. any comments you leave I'll be sure to share with Michelle, maybe I can convince her she needs to start blogging! :)



Ulla said...

I noticed an earlier post you did on Alice. Have you seen Jan Svankmajer's version? Here's the youtube link:

Wonderful crown!

Anonymous said...

wow congrats cat huh?

Marjorie said...

It is a truly splendiferous crown!

hippymummy said...

I know i'm a year late(kind of) but i just wanted to say that the crown is indeed fit for a queen, a faerie princedd at the very least! xXx

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

thanks hippy!