November 06, 2007

Striped Socks!

this is Henri, he is quite uncertain about his new striped socks...

painted for Children's Illustrators Club on Deviant art for the theme of Oct. (Striped socks)
ttp:// this months theme is Polar Bears you can already see entries being submitted...I'm not so speedy! I'm just hoping to get this on in on time ;)


Rima said...

Hello Cat, many thanks for your very kind words :) Yes you are very welcome to link to me here... Thanks :)
Best wishes with all you do ... Henri is great :)

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

:) great I'll post here and actually I have more readers on live journal (are you over there? thats where I saw your links on the endicott blog .. love all your work and the new stop motion video is amazing! so anyway I'll post there too!

take care and all the best to you :) thank you for the kind words for Henri he's such a sweet if fussy imp!


lunara said...

Hi.., nice to meet you, you have a nice blog.. i like your art.. 8 )

Ashley L. said...

hello! i came across your Etsy store and fell in love with your White Rabbit print! you are a very talented artist! i hope you don't mind but i showed off the White Rabbit print on my latest post! i also linked my readers to your Etsy! you should stop by whenever you get a chance! :)