October 26, 2007

Halloween! at the Dead End

Wow! do I have an amazing Halloween artist to introduce you to! Meet the Howloween Queen! This self taught artist is the mom of one of my advanced art students, I found out she made paper mache' scupltures and asked to see her website, was I ever blown away! This Mom is a one woman Halloween theme park! take a look....
http://hometown.aol.com/howloweenqueen/gargoyle2.html Would you believe she was able to fit that guy along with Frankie and several others in her truck and brought them all to share with my students? They were entralled and the best part is she shared all her deep dark spooky tricks! like would you believe the gargolyes fingers are made from a pool noodle? (hey we live in sunny florida!) and so is his tale :) the rest is boxes, paper and glue and lots of work!
here is her home page .. she has all kinds of great photos of her home inside and out, you must see the skeleton in her garden tub! and lots of how too instructions and ideas!

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