September 14, 2015

Attempting a brighter Monday

Made a trip to the local book mine,  a nice way to end a stressful Monday! Could spend all day here but they close early :)
Was craving a lavender coffee from "Brew" 
But sadly they close early on Mondays
Maybe next time.. 
I did bring home a treasure to feed my 
Pre-Raphaelite obsession 

Hope your Monday is lovely!


Rhissanna said...

That and a coffee sound like a perfect day!

Jodi said...

Oh, I love a good book store. There's one about 20 miles from my house called "Shire Book Shop" and your pic reminds me of it. Rows and rows of mostly used books, mostly old. There's an occasional couch or comfy chair, wooden ladders, hot tea available in china cups and saucers, it's just wonderful!

Sarah Pogue said...

That book store looks so fun to explore and one can never have too many books about Pre-Raphaelites :)