October 18, 2010

A winner!

Congratulations to  Brandy the winner of the octopus prize!  Thank all of you so much for entering, be sure and stay tuned there will be another giveaway soon! 
Here's a sweet little cephalopod to bring a smile to your day because you always brighten mine with your kind words!


Jaime Haney said...

Congrats to Brandy!

what a cute and magnificent creature! thanks for sharing.

Kristin Aquariann said...

Boo, sorry I missed your awesome giveaway while I was on vacation! Congratulations to Brandy. :D

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Congratulations to your very lucky winner! I know she'll enjoy her beautiful new artwork! Theresa

Princess Rashid said...

Man, that is so cool. Sorry, I missed the giveaway. Thanks for sharing!

Brandy said...

Thanks ever so much for Blush! I absolutely love her and she's now adorning a wall off my den. I just blogged about how awesome it was to win the giveaway and posted a few pictures of where I've hung the print. Thank you!