June 16, 2010

Distracted by Shiny Objects

A Magpie Post....

I went out to purchase a bath mat, and was distracted by a giant wooden key and scissors. What do you think came home with me? Let's count hands.. Bath mat *peers about room* strange oversized objects?* Yes! you have met me!
Well these unsuspecting plain Jane scissors had to sit and wait for me to have a day off, and when I did I pounced. I think it was time for some art therapy because it took two cans of pink spray paint and a large assortment of rhinestones to complete.

I'm quite pleased with the results, this blingy pair of scissors is just what my studio and creative spirit needed!

And speaking of creative spirits I came across this great series on creativity (posted by firefluff on twitter) this article on being eccentric and creativity.
Check out the list of eccentric tendencies

Score 10 out of 15 on this doctors list and you are quirky my friends!
I'm not big into taking quizes but this list was an eye opener for me. You see, not only do I fit just about every item listed, I never grasped why others didn't, and often feel/felt so sad for them. Really, bored? There is so much in this world to marvel at and learn! Of course we all have off days but I can't imagine not having interests and passions. My stress is not having time for them all! I'm so fortunate to have all of you here in blogland who are so eccentric (and I mean that as a high complement!) with bright eyes and open hearts! You are much appreciated!

What do you think, does eccentricity and artistic talent go hand in hand?
Or are eccentric folks simply more likely to feel free to pursue their artistic passions?

Food for thought, and do eccentrics ever own bath mats? I wonder....


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

You sound just like me... I always get distracted when I go out for a specific item.. Yep, the giant key would have caught my attention. I love what you have done to it. Bath mats may be needed, but not real interesting.

I think eccentric folks are more likely to feel free to pursue their artistic passions and I'll bet none own a bath mat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so nice to hear there are others who are both eccentric and creative and wonder why others aren't. I've always thought my pastimes were childish while the more serious grown-ups took care of the world. Although it looks like no one was taking care of the world after all :( Love your scissors and understand the burst of passion that went behind it. Your new blog format is fabulous too, by the way!

Kristin Aquariann said...

Neat finds! Love how you blinged up the scissors. *stares* I get distracted by shiny objects, too. ;D

Carolee said...

TeeHee...My husband says of me: "X plus Y equals....

Oh, look! A butterfly!!"

I don't own a bath mat either. ;)

~ Carolee

Audrey said...

Yay Shiny! I totally got this post, lol. & love what you did with the scissors!

Marianne said...

Certainly if bathmats were important they would put them where you would see them first.
But if truth be told the universe told you to go get a bathmat, knowing full well that you indeed would pick up the scissors and key.
Because that is really what the universe wanted you to have.
Eccentric is the only way to live !