June 25, 2009

Princess Slipper's and a winner!

Thank you for all the lovely guesses for my daughters role in Midsummer Night's Dream, many of them I guessed myself when she asked! Ahhh but no one guessed it, (if it makes you feel better, neither did I!) She has the part of Bottom! *giggles* If you only knew what a delightful one of kind girl she was you would really appreciate it!

But don't fear, a winner will we shall have, we drew numbers for all the entries and *drum roll*
Coty is our winner! And she will receive a print of her choice from the shop!

In other news I just completed my series of princess slippers with Cinderella. They are available here Now I'm off to work on candy and cupcakes for the Mad Hatter Tea Party!


Merily said...

I bet she'll make an awesome Bottom! :D

FairiesNest said...

That's a wonderful funny role! Congratulations to her!

Renee said...

The pictures are adorable.

I am glad that you now know of IBC it is very important for young women.

Renee xoxo