March 17, 2009

"Miss Fortune"

Mystic purples seemed to be her, color. I adore purple but rarely use it in paintings. I'll have to remedy that! 


Unknown said...

I love her! Purple has always been my twins colour! She even wore a fancy purple velvet recency style coat over her pale pink wedding gown that I designed for her and my mom and I made for her. That was nearly 10 years ago and 2 little boys. Last weekend she wore this wedding outfit to a fancy ball but she had one complaint-it was a little too big!
I love your fortune teller-I come from a long line of "Seeing folks" from my mom's side-my grandmother, my great grandmother and further back down to my mom and my twin and her eldest son-strange and mystical stuff and purple is the colour for all of it.
take care,

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Merle, I can just picture your sisters gown and cloak how beautiful! I think purple is a magical color, its always been one of my favorites :)