January 13, 2009

Winter Queen

Ah spoke too soon! all this balmy weather and palm trees had me lulled into early spring dreams. I do love the winter, its my favorite really. Somehow its been warm so long it felt as if winter had passed us by. Tomorrow my northern friends you may giggle at this tropical girl who dreams of snow as she searches for mittens in the swim suit drawer. I just know somewhere in my closet *peers deep into the abyss* there is a coat.. at least a jacket? Lady winter is coming to call with chills getting into the 20's by the end of the week. I can't ever remember it being this cold! I'm a bit giddy that we have a fireplace and an excuse to light it. I'm not so excited about the thought of getting up out of a snug bed in that weather!
Perhaps we will see snowflakes!

*dreams of making snow angels*


Lisa Falzon said...

Teehee! I have lives on a small medietrranean island all my life, taking holidays to colder countries only in Summertime - so the first time I actually touched snow, saw snow fall, was some two years ago in paris. I'll never forget it - I'd been in a mall, with Drew, and we glance out of the glass windows and its snowing. And I was so excited, I squealed, and ran out in it, and shouted so much in the subzero air I developed laryngitis and couldn't speak a peep for two weeks! :D

Since then I've seen it in ample amounts another time, on Mont Blanc - but I've never lived in a snowy location. Here in Cork it's cold and frosty but never snowy! The Gulf Stream and sea air prevents it.

I hear the Tuilieres garden ponds in Paris froze over this year.. go figure... just cause I don't live there anymore hehe!!!

Karen said...

I wish your snow Queen would come and visit me more often!

The snow Queen is my favourite fairytale. Its one I must have a go at illustrating. Maybe I shall set myself a personal project?

I love your painting.... magical x

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

Karen, I do so hope see your Snow Queen (I wonder if she has a rabbit?) And thank you. :) she is from a few years ago when I first started a story about a Winter Queen with a friend.

Lisa, I love your tale of first snow! I first saw snow as an adult too and was astonished. It was every bit as magical as I had envisioned. (Of course not needing to drive in helped!)

I'm hoping we will get a few snowflakes, my girls have never seen them.

paintandink said...

This painting is absolutely magical.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a wonderfully magical painting! I love her!

Laume said...

She's coldly beautiful. I live where mittens are OFTEN needed, but we've been having rain instead of snow the last few days and it's lulled me into believing spring might come earlier than expected this year. I think it's just that I HOPE it does. But I can't remember a year it hasn't snowed in my daffodils, which don't start popping up until April. So, sigh. I better go make some more hot tea and be patient.

Athena's Armoury said...

I love her. This is one of my all time favorites pieces of yours.

Lisa Evans said...

She's beautiful : )

Lynda Lehmann said...

Your "Winter Queen" is beautiful!

As for the cold, I'd send you some in exchange for warm sunshine, if I could! :)