October 04, 2008

The Little Things

Yes, sometimes the smallest things bring big smiles :)

Thank to richlayers of toldtales a wonderful fairy tale community on live journal for the heads up on this! I'm not a big Mc Donalds fan so I would of missed the cuteness that is my tiny Wicked Witch.
I'm a silly enough Elphaba fan to of purchased this on Ebay (well I don't do hamburgers!). And yes I'm feeling a strange buying a mass produced doll, but hopefully I'll be forgiven (*cringes*! Well she was 3.00 ;) Here she is next to my painting "Little Elphaba"

Dear Hubby helped me get all the decorations out of the attic this morning. I just don't think I have enough pumpkins!

I will post pictures when I've made a bit more progress :)


Peggy said...

You are not alone!!!! I wondered how you came to my blog, but now I see. Emma Belle and I are complete Wicked freaks. :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love her pensive face!