September 17, 2008

Halloween Give Away!

Another Pumpkin Girl coming to life in my dear moleskine watercolor book. But this one isn't talking.. she just won't tell me her name. So I thought... perfect topic for my first blog giveaway!

The rules

1. post your idea for a name for Pumpkin Girl.

2. make sure you leave contact info

3. I will drop all the entries into a hat for a drawing on Oct. 15th

The winner will receive a special Halloween goody package from my shop


Anonymous said...

I think her name should be Vespera.


Laurie Creech said...

I'm going with Hovia (Hovey-a), the sweet halloween girl.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I would name her Edwina Gorey.

Lexie said...

Nice post..! Well, I think her name should be ' Kinween', the cute Halloween girl.

MichelleB said...

How about Olwen.

Staci Rose said...

Ginny. the first name that hit me. It's a sweet little piece, too! :)

Tina Marie Rey said...

I saw her, and thought, she looks like a Flora.

She is beautiful!

Mona said...

I think her name is Jill O'Lantern

Anonymous said...

She looks like a Jackie to me; adorable!

Faer wishes,

Carapace said...

Her name is clearly Bonnie.

She is a quiet shy thing. She likes to blend in a bit. In the harvest time, she thought a pumpkin wouldn't stand out, as indeed it would not, were she to sit all day in a pumpkin patch. However it attracts much attention indeed in the school library and at the candy store, where people keep trying to put lemon drops and chocolate toffee in at the top.

The pumpkin does, however, restrict her field of vision, so she thinks she's passing unnoticed. So really, it's working fine.

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

cara, that is such a sweet story!


Thyme2dream said...

Everyone is so creative!! I think I will jjust be alliterative and call her Penelope:-)

acornmoon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, you have some lovely work here and in your shop.

I think she looks like a Jane O'Ween.

Athena's Armoury said...

She's adorable! The first thing that struck me was Patches. ;)

Anonymous said...

How about Caroline?

-Susan Marie

Hyla Waldron said...



BunnyKissd said...

Why, I believe her name is Jacqueline, pronounced in the manner of the French, Jack'leen. Her favorite colors are yellow and orange and her favorite season is, of course, fall. She loves toast and hates hummus. She is very smart and knows just about everything, and if she doesn't know it, then she knows how to look it up, and will spend all the time necessary to get the right information to you. She's extremely helpful, but a bit socially awkward. She's worried it's her personality, but it may just be her pumpkin-head.

BunnyKissd said...

Hehehe! Looks like Cara & I had a similar idea! Everyone has come up with such cute names! I can't wait to see which you choose!

Robin Hernandez said...

I'm pretty sure that her name is Naomi Knott :)

love your work!
Robin Hernandez

dianeclancy said...

How about Goldie - both for the color and she also reminds me of Goldilocks - looking the right size.

Please count me in. Thanks!!
~ Diane Clancy

shellyrae1 said...

Minerva...Minnie for short. :)

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

*claps hands with glee*

Your ideas are grand! How am I going to choose???

Heathen's Hearth said...

The first name I thought of was Edwina...don't ask me why, lol.

Or Jackie. I like Jackie.


Beat Black said...

The first name I thought of was Cora. she looks shy and all names that came to mind had a strong k sound.

you do great work!!

mermaidencreations said...

I am quite sure she is Jacklan.
I see I am not alone here, naming her thus, but I think it is spelled this way, like jack-o-lantern.
she's a cutie.

Sue said...

I think she is Medeni, which I believe means "Born in September"

Great time of year for Pumpkins.

Best Wishes

Sue said...


Pronounced meh DEN ee

This means Born in September, which is a good month for pumpkins.


Karen said...

I can't get the simple name 'Leaf' out of my head. She's delicate like an autumn one, so Leaf is what I choose! :)

Liquid said...

Since she is a pumpkin girl, and obviously was born close to halloween, I think "Purrcilla" might fit her quite well.

Happy Haints!


Jessica and Lisa Mason said...

Here are a few from me and my mom:
Autumn the Pumpkin Patch Girl or Amber the Pumpkin Patch Girl
I say Paisley the Pumpkin Patch girl
My mom say Parthenia the Pumpkin Patch girl (it means "maiden" in Greek)
We also like Patsy,Ginger, Hally (for Halloween), Willow or Piper

Kari Burkholder said...

I am liking the following names...

Kaiah (kay-ah)
Aria (ar-ee-ah)

Hope you find the perfect name! :)


Precious The Pumpkin Princess

You can reach me here:


Apple Blossom Designs said...

I'm going to say Autumn, simply because that's my youngest daughter's name! I can just see my little one wearing a pumpkin hat like that! She's awfully cute... and so is my little girl!

carigreco said...

Willowmena or Veda


Annette said...

she looks like a Penelope

Laura said...

Chloe. She looks like a Chloe.


Mindy & Lola said...

I like Pompon, I think its the latin for pumkin. She's adorable!

FairiesNest said...

I have a tendency to go for the French name so how about Citrouille (Si-tru-E)? She's SO cute!

Anonymous said...


I love your work! I think her name should be Peta, which I think suits her nicely.

Christina Silverio said...

Hmmmm... How about "Miss Sassafrass Pumple-Stiltskin"???

(Don't even ask me where THAT came from!) ;)

She so sweet!
All the best!