June 15, 2008

ghost tour

The ghost tour of St. Augustine was great fun, we visited the Military Hospital, Oldest Drugstore, and the Jail. Our ghostly tour guides were wonderfully macabre and delivered the tour with great relish. I did get a bit spooked locked in the old jail house in the dark!
Many of the ghost tales were more gross than ghost and served to make us all very glad to be around in this century!
I still can't believe my youngest wanted to go and didn't get a bit scared!
We got back home last night, and I missed my little dog and of course my studio. Strangely I missed the green of my backyard. Its become quite lush and bit overgrown, we now have turtles wandering about :) I can be such a homebody!


Unknown said...

We moved house in February and I am becoming a real homebody...I find it is just a lovely place to be. I can't imagine turtles in the back yard tho :-D

Ghostess said...

That is so cool! We went on a Ghost Hunt type tour in St Augustine back in June with our Florida Haunters (Hallowe'en freaks like myself) and had a blast. We carried EMF detectors and learned quite a bit about the area. My ancestors on my dad's side are Minorcan, so it was really nice to hear a bit about them as well. It was a 3 hour tour! I never knew we could walk about the outside of the fort at night.