May 18, 2008

ACEO bounty

Mermaid ACEO

Have you started collecting Artist collector cards? (ACEO's artist cards, editions and originals) If you haven't heard of them, well they are small collectable works of art, trading card sized! ACEO's are always 3.5 x 2.5 inches but they can be created in any media. There is a really fun group on Etsy running an ACEO challenge with a big prize. Anyone can can join in and post a challenge for the artists to create! We keep creating and posting our cards. All cards not sold by the end of the challenge will be won by the last person to post on the thread! See, I told you it was fun :) ACEO Bounty thread


Kelly Warren said...

she's lovely! and oh my goodness, i'm a certifiable ACEO junkie. i'm sure i have over 100 by now, mostly originals. can't read that entire thread at this point, but i'll sure hope to be the last poster! :-)

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

it is a monster thread :) but yes just go to the new entries and feel free to post a challenge of your own!

Ulla said...

Your paintings are wonderful, but this little fay truly captures my heart! delightful!!!

Mechtild said...

This mermaid is especially wonderful. It is so sweet it would make a wonderful illustration in a book for young readers, but it is wistfully evocative enough to appeal to adults. Adults like me. :)

~ Mechtild (figured I'd better sign this in case it says "Linda" again)