April 20, 2008

No Place Like Home!

Had a wonderful trip to DC, despite a loooong bus ride with the 8th grade class :) My oldest daughter loved everything, especially the beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom.  
A highlight for me of course was seeing Dorothy's ruby slippers. There is still a bit of magic there don't you think?  We even brought home a stuffed Toto. 

I read Wicked on the bus trip,  I'm in love with Elphaba and still a bit scared of the flying monkeys! 

When I arrived home imagine how tickled I was to find that ebonypaws had featured my Ruby slipper painting in her blog.. check it out if you love red shoes!


TexasTesla said...

The ruby slippers are one of my favorites as well!

FairiesNest said...

My dad was 3 when the movie came out and he was terrified of the monkeys! They still give him the major heebe jeebes.
Glad to hear you survived the trip...a bus full of 8th graders? You ARE a brave woman!